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The situation for Afghan businesswomen has improved remarkably the last two decades. As someone  who’s start as an entrepreneur began in clothing production under the Taliban regime and spread to many different industries since then

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Message from AWCCI President Manizha Wafeq

Having spent the last 12 years as a trainer for Afghan businesswomen with the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS program, and two years working closely with Afghan businesswomen as President of the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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The Made by Afghan Women labelling initiative will help level the playing field for Afghan businesswomen, who face considerable social pressures and cultural taboos when launching a business.

MBAW Objectives

The immediate objective for the MBAW initiative is to raise the international profile of Afghan women-made products, and thereby boost sales. The long-term objective is to contribute to increased Afghan exports and employment generation.

Components of Certification

At the foundation of the MBAW initiative is a certification regime that will approve the use of the MBAW label. The certification criteria will be decided by the MBAW partners, led by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and supported by the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA).

Promotion Strategy

MBAW-labelled products will be promoted through a number of channels. These channels include Afghanistan’s foreign embassies and consulates, regional and international conferences and events, social media, and Afghan Government websites.