Diana Hashimizada, President

Ms. Diana Hashemzada is the President of Drukhshan-e-Balkh Poultry Farm LTD. She was born in 1984 in Balkh province. She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Balkh University. Ms. Hashemzada officially started her business by establishing the Drukhshan-e-Balkh factory in 2011 in the poultry sector which produces manure and provides poultry services. Drukhshan-e-Balkh factory was established with an investment of more than 30000 USD by Ms. Diana and the factory produces around 10,000 chickens, 52 tons of manure and provides poultry services.

Along with the focus on her business activities, Ms. Diana has always been a supportive woman to other girls to start a business, especially in the poultry sector. Furthermore, more than 500 people where 120 were women have received training in poultry by Drukhshan-e-Balkh Company. Ms. Diana says: poultry companies are working with great passion and commitment, and this has led the sector to good self-sufficiency in comparison to other economic sectors and can meet the need of the country’s market. Ms. Hashimzada expresses the reason behind her recognition through this award is her business in aviculture which is thought to be a male-dominated sector. And her business is an innovative one and she has been working in this sector formally for 9 years.

Sona Mahmody was born in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. She is a graduate of Balkh University, Law and Political Science faculty. In late 2016 joined her Master’s degree at the University of Afghanistan in Kabul but couldn’t continue her master’s degree due to family constraints she is however committed to restart and complete the MA soon.

In terms of professional and business engagements, she started working with Passion Legal Organization during the time when she was still a university student and developed her skills in management and delivery legal training.

It was early 2015 when she started to develop an idea of export initiative with her fiancé and soon they developed the idea into practice under the unregistered name of Rumi. The idea came into practice after forging a partnership with Zarghoon Zar Trading Company which had several decades of experience in exports of medical plants. Sona then decided to officially register the business in late 2016 and successfully registered the business with the ministry of commerce and industries in February 2017.

Rumi Trading LLC jointed works in a manual cleaning house in Mazar-e Sharif with Zarghoon Zar Company and has established its head office in Kabul.

Ms. Maryam Jami
founded Bano Production, Processing, and Packaging Agricultural Products Company
in 2009 and has 17 years of experience in the field of agriculture,
cultivation, processing, and packaging of food materials, vegetables, and fruits.
She has done her bachelors in Law and Political Sciences. Ms. Jami has
established an agricultural farm of 70 acres of land where she covers 31 women
and 14 men. She has also established a processing center for agricultural
products. Bano’s products include prickles, jam, canned beans, dried fruits and
vegetables, honey, 2 local varieties of rice and different kinds of vegetables
and medicinal plants.  Recently in 2017, she awarded
Bibi Khadija competitive Award.

Objectives are:

  1. Job creation/provision of
    job opportunities for women and men, and for the economic development of poor
  2. Creation/Foundation of
    the agricultural economic chain from production to consumer inside Afghanistan and
    trade of quality agricultural products.
  3. Increasing domestic
    production of agricultural products for the economic development of Afghanistan
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