Ms. Sima Hashimi is the owner of Afrosha brand. She started her higher education in 1984 in medicines. Ms. Hashimi began her first professional career at the IOM for about nine years as Teaching Assistant. After that, she worked two years for FINCA as Credit Manager.

After establishing “Afroshta” Brand which is her brand in producing Spaghetti, Ms. Hashimi is now an influential woman entrepreneurs, she is one of the successful women in Balkh city who has supported the domestic production of the country. For example, 250 grams imported noodle is sold 30 Afghani in Balkh city, but now the production of Ms. Hashemi is selling 200 grams of “Afroshta” noodle with an excellent quality about 15 Afghani. In addition, a partridge egg that comes from neighboring countries in Balkh costs about 25 Afghanis, but Ms. Hashemi, by establishing a Partridge farm, sells these eggs by 7 Afghanis. This farm has also been effective in decreasing the price of partridges too. For example, the partridge price has been reduced from 230 Afghani to 150 Afghani in Balkh province. At the end, Ms. Hashimi, as a request from the governmental and non-governmental organizations added, “Afghan business women, especially Mazarian women, have always been working alone and they need support from the government and international organizations for their business development. These organization should respect the activities of businesswomen and they have to believe that women can work effectively.”

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