Fourth Quarter Certified

Bahar Yawazy Trading

Dr. Bahar Yawazy is the President of Bahar Yawazy Trading and Manufacturing of Color Gemstones Company. The company was established in 2018. The company operates in trading and manufacturing of color gemstones and also sources rough gemstones from mines based in Panjshir, Colombia, Mozambique and Madagascar. The company employs eight individuals and it is planning to setup a world class design center which will train Afghan ladies in jewelry and handicraft designing. The company sells its products to international clients.

Mahmoodzada Wood Industry Company

Ms. Noor jahan Mahmodzada is the CEO of Mahmoodzada Wood Industry Company.  This Company manufactures wooden products including classic and modern furniture, designs logos, sculptures, and does wood carving and wooden decorations for homes and offices. The company had produced product for governmental entities such as presidential palace and has done several designs to national and international markets. The Company was established in 2011and Employees fifteen females and ten males. The company sells its products physically in stores and take orders in Women’s Garden and Baghe Bala of Kabul, they also have online sale services through their Facebook page and get orders from customers.

Barg Badam Trading Company

Ms. Goljan Samar is the President of Barg Badam Trading Company and Najma Nawin Social Association located in Daikundi, Afghanistan. Following the activities of the Najm Nawin Social Association, Ms. Goljan Samar established the Barg Badam Trading Company in 2020. The company activities includes the processing of dry fruit and Saffron. The company employees nine females and three males, beside this the company has thirty seven indirect employees as well.

Abra Afghan Trading Company

Ms. Zaiton Bahram is the Vice President of Abra Afghan Trading Company. The company produces handicraft products and manufactures cloths and uniforms.  This women led company was established in 2015. It works to empower young females and promotes the economic growth of Afghan women.

Zinat Afghan Company

Fawzia Hamidi is the president of Zinat Afghan Company. The company was established in 2013 and conducts its daily operations with two male, and ten female employees.  The company operates in food processing industry by producing different spices, pickles, and jams. The products are sold through physical store located in Kabul, besides that the company distributes its products to related stores all over Kabul.

Taieb Hashimi Jewelry

Ms. Narmin Hashimi is the President of Taieb Hashimi Jewelry. With the financial support of UNHabitat, Ms. Hashimi established the company in 2017 and started its operations. With all the essential machineries the company operates in engraving and jewelry making. The company employees ten female and one male, and were able to enhance their engraving and jewelry making skills. They sell their products through exhibitions.

Shagirf Ltd Company

Ms. Nahid Hamidi is the President of Shagirf Ltd Company. She founded the company in 2007. This company is the first company in cutting, polishing and shaping precious stones in Afghanistan, offering satisfactory services to its clients. The company is located in Shahr-e –Naw, Kabul with the modern machinery to produce varieties of jewelries. The company employs twenty individuals. Majority of the sales happen through exports to international markets.

Maharat-e-Zindagi Handicraft Company

Ms. Nazia Haidary is the President of Maharat-e-Zindagi Handicraft Company. Her ten years of experience in being a trainer in handicrafts motivated her to start her handicraft business. This company produces several kinds of handicrafts including needlework, pillow embroidery, mirror work, cross-stitch embroidery, and various kinds of home decoration items, clothes and handicrafts. The company has 10 female and 2 male direct employees and 15 female indirect employees. The company sells its products in different locations of Kabul and Mazar, and also through exhibitions as well.

Mashal Saffron Agriculture and Livestock Company

Ms. Hanifa Akrami is the President of Mashal Saffron Agriculture and Livestock Company. She founded the company in 2019. The company operates in the production and processing of Saffron. In Saffron season 50 female workers and 3 male workers works. The company distributes its products to all the stores located in Herat city and also exported to the foreign markets as well.

Alton Kohan Handicraft Company

Noor Bebi Kohan is the President of Alton Kohan Handicraft Company. The company operates in Herat province of Afghanistan where it produces silk and woolen handmade carpets, cloths, curtains, needlework products. The company got its license in 2019 and legally started its operations. The company has always tried to create employment and capacity building opportunities for all segments of society, especially women.

Peshraft Zanan Company

Ms. Marghuba Safi is the President of Peshraft Zanan Company. She founded the company in 2018 with the support of UNODC. The main objective of the company is to support economic empowerment of women, and employing recovered drug addicted women. The company produces organic beauty products such as soaps. The company has 10 female core employees, and 400 indirect employees, where 100 of them are ex-addicted women. After the production, products are labeled and packaged in Peshraft zanan and sold to local markets. 

Adila Khaf Trading Company

Ms. Khater Omid is the President of Adila Khaf Trading Company and Laal Sabz Agriculture Company. The Laal Sabz Agriculture Company was established in 2019. The company produces and processes dry fruits, fresh fruits, and oils. The Company is also active in the field of beekeeping. The company employs 6 women and 3 men. The Company mainly sales its products online through their official Facebook page, and a part of the products are distributed to the city local stores for sale.

Shirin Qahraman Ltd

Ms, Hanifa Fatimi is, the President of Shirin Qahraman Ltd. The company was established in 2012. Shrini Qahraman Ltd operates in 5 different section; men’s clothes with hand embroidery top, women cloths, cross stitch embroidery and jewelry. The company is managed by two male and three female core personal. Totally seventy workers work in this company. The company sells its products through physical store located in Khoshal Khan Kabul, where the majority customers are attracted through national exhibitions.

Shams Refaq Saffron Agricultural and Livestock Company

Ms. Maliha Shams is the President of Shams Refaq Saffron Agricultural and Livestock Company.The company was established in 2018. This company is active in the field of processing saffron, raisins, pistachios, cumin, and Licorice. The company has 3 permanent employees, and 20 male and 480 female seasonal employees.