Objective of MBAW Initiative

In order for the Made by Afghan Women initiative to be successful, there must be clearly stated objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress. These objectives and KPIs are listed below:

Objective 1: Increase Visibility of Afghan
Women-Made Products

KPI: Media coverage related to the MBAW initiative and Afghan women-made products, as well as inquiries from donor organizations on how to support MBAW-certified businesses

Objective 2: Increase Both Foreign & Domestic
Sales of Women-Made Products

KPI: Work closely with Afghan women-owned businesses to identify and highlight sales increases and success stories.

Objective 3: Recruit Women-Owned/Operated
Businesses to Adopt the MBAW Label

KPI: Track the number of applications to AWCCI for certification

These objectives can only be achieved if a strong framework is created to implement this program. The role of each partner institution (MoCI, AWCCI, EPAA, MoWA, MoFA, and ANSA) must be clearly identified and put into writing.
The assignment of specific roles will take place in coordination meetings in the future and is beyond the scope of this concept document.